Boryspil International Airport
Service Quality Form
What is your mood today?
How old are you?
How many times in the last year have you used the services of Boryspil airport?
What is the purpose of your journey?
Which airline do you fly with?
What mode of transport did you use to get to the airport?
Are you satisfied with the schedule of public transport to / from the airport?
Evaluate the quality of services provided by Boryspil Airport
(1 - very bad, 5 - excellent)
Availability, completeness and efficiency of flight information
Convenience of orientation at the airport
The work of the call centre
The work of the information desk inside the Terminal D
Cleanliness at the airport
Cleanliness in the toilets
Comfort of a temperature mode in the airport
Comfort in waiting areas
Completeness and services provided for with disabilities, reduced mobility and elderly passengers
Waiting time at check-in desk
Review time for aviation security control

Evaluate the work of staff at the airport

(1 - very bad, 5 - excellent)

Politeness of aviation security personnel
Politeness of the check in staff
Evaluate non-avia services at Boryspil airport
(1 - very bad, 5 - excellent)
Luggage packing
Assortment of cafes, bars, vending machines
Service in shops and points of sale (Politeness)
Business lounges services
Availability of Internet access
Provide an overall impression of the service at the airport
What measures do you think should be taken to improve the quality of services at Boryspil Airport? We'll be glad to hear any wishes or a list that does not suit you.
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